Beyond thankful

There is always something to be thankful about and this year is no different. 2016 has been a whirlwind of a year. From all the love, the moments and lastly, a new memory that will always leave an emptiness in my heart.

I have my health, I have my amazing dad and darling baby brother, I have my wonderful Oma, the most loving boyfriend and his caring  parents and last but not least, I have a large group of people that are more than just friends and colleagues to me… truly are an extension of my ever growing family.

Even though my heart will feel empty for all the years in my life, I know it truly will never be empty. This love that I keep receiving over and over, has made my heart full. And I am beyond thankful. (My heart is full Mama. Don’t you worry.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. May you all cheers together and feel the warmth this weekend and season.

All my love,

So many thanks

Spring Cleaning

Happy Friday!

The weather has been confusing here in Vancouver. But one thing is for sure, Spring Cleaning is around the corner, rain or not! Last week I hung out with my parents and helped them throw out old things that we really do not need. Last week, we donated 2 boxes of stuffed animals that we won in the fair over the years. We donated the ENTIRE cast of Sesame’s Street. No joke. I wish I took pictures…

Nevertheless, I’m moving soon, so I’ll be doing some more spring cleaning of my own! and because I’m a PRO in spring cleaning now (obvs!) I thought I’d share top 5 ways how you can do to declutter too!

Links: Nokia 6110, Sony Z1010, Sony W800, TELUS’ Return & Recycle Program


Well helloooo. Happy New Year’s everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but boy oh boy, am I going to get back into it!

2015 is the year of improvement for me. I’m now officially in my late twenties guys. Mid twenties waved goodbye at me 2 months ago. It’s been quite the change. Back to what I had in mind, 2015 is going to be the year I do what I want to do. I wanted to take pottery class, I always have, and now I am. That’s right, once a week my DABBF (designer and best friends foreverrrr), Alicia, take up wheel spinning at a local community centre. Guys. GUYS. I already made a bowl. (I’ll let you know how it turns out at the end of this week’s class and if it keeps any liquid in).

But that’s just the beginning for me! There’s lots more that I’ll share shortly 🙂

Cheers, guys! Cheers to your 2015! Let me know what kind of shenanigans you’ve been up to?

PS. Here’s a late holiday and New Year greeting. xoHoliday2014

Breakfast with Miss Audrey

Today marks what would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday. This post is albeit a little late in the day, but when I saw today’s google doodle at 7:32am, the opening sequence of the movie immediately evoked my memories and my brain had jumpstarted ‘Moon River’ in my head. Not long the vision of the cab driving down New York and stopping in front of Tiffany & Co was more than a memory. There was no way my day would have begun without watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s during breakfast hours.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m biased. Perhaps. This movie has been my go to, when I’m sick or sad… And it makes me all better by the end of it.

Audrey is so beautiful in every way, she really is the epitome of great beauty. Cheers, Audrey!

Judging a book by its cover

Everyone has their own bad habits that they’d rather not share. Whether it’s biting their nails, cursing at the slightest and smallest things, rolling their eyes and collecting Hello Kitty things, we all know you have one.

Unfortunately… I own ALL those bad habits. I actually have one more to share with you all today.


Hello. My name is Tiffany and I am a book-cover-judger. Let me explain before you judge me (oh gosh… now I know how to books must feel).

I am not a design snob. Yes. Laugh if you may, but just because I am a Graphic Designer, it does not give me rights to judge a book by it’s cover. HOWEVER (all caps-worthy), I really can’t help it. If the cover does not catch my eyes, whether it be covered with bold colours, patterns, text, or have a huge Gold Foil Pressed Type (bonus brownie points), I might not even pick it up. Then there’s the last test  to determine if it is ‘Open-the-book’ worthy; does the cover feel good? I know… I’m a horrible person. But I refuse to spend time flipping through it’s pages, if the cover doesn’t feel lovely against my fingers.

Fortunately, I have friends who knows exactly how I am (God bless them). This holiday season, I received not one, but THREE books that all met my ridiculous standards. I’m so excited to dive deep (I’ve already flipped through numerous times, of course) into it and read between its lines.


The first one I received from participating in the lovely Erin Anacker‘s Secret Santa Project. My Secret Santa did her research and got me this book, Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity, which I have seen and passed numerous times in Chapters. This is exactly what I needed to get my 2014 going. I’ve been the sort of person, designer, friend (who knows what more) who always seem to reflect my thoughts, ideas and yearned the ‘ok’ from the people around me. Why am I letting others be the judge of me. Here I am on a whim, judging books like no tomorrow, but yet, I can’t just move forward with what I have to do. Nope. This book is the end and start of it. Thank you, Annalyn.


Another bad habit of mine (I have no shame, really) is that I keep saying I’m going to try to do something, and I don’t. Take blogging for instance, the last time I blogged was back in February… of last year. So please, pardon me, while this rant post seem so lengthy. One of my darling friends, Alicia, have heard numerous times how I want to learn to knit… since 2010. It’s now 2014, I’m pretty sure she’s had enough and decided to give me this book, Knitting by Design, which was written, knitted, and designed by one of the designers (Emma Robertson) she met during Designer Vaca.

20140114-books-2 20140114-books-3

What’s not to love about this book? It has a great matte cover and the photographs throughout, is by the talented Max Wanger (one of Alicia’s favourite photographers – ever!). The design, type, and layout throughout is flawless. I’ll let you be the judge of the book (not cover, because I did that already). I cannot wait to knit something… I might just start with the knitted hair bow-tie… because it seems easy and requires the less yarn. Thanks, Alicia… I’ll get that bow going.


Everyone who knows me, knows accepts that I am a Kate Spade New York Groupie. This may seem odd, because Kate Spade New York isn’t a band. It’s a collection of clothing, shoes, watches and bags. I’m the kind of girl who would LOVE to be locked in an elevator with boxes, upon pretty boxes of Kate Spade bags – another bad habit of mine. Nevertheless, one of my darling best friends, Angela overdid herself this year with my Birthday/Christmas present. She bought me THE Kate Spade Bible; Things We Love. The cover itself SCREAMS Kate Spade, with its gorgeous Gold Foil Type (major brownie points!) and products sprawled all over. It’s a wonder how I’m still alive and typing. Below are just some of the excerpts of this beautiful book…. It really doesn’t do it justice.

20140114-books-6 20140114-books-7 20140114-books-5

So what is the moral of today’s post? You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but really, no one’s looking.

Honestly, it’s actually to get going. 2014 has only begun, and I’m so excited of all the things that will happen this year. Stay tuned for more exciting news, and hopefully, a shorter post.