Whoah Canada!

Happy Canada Day, everyone! I, for one, am proud to be Canadian. This year marks the 20th year that I’ve been living in Canada! Nuts! It’s been that long, who knew?

To celebrate, I am back with another TPO’s TOP 5 post featuring the Ryans and Justins of Canada. Plus an extra special guy in my work life, my buddy, Kevin! It’s been a couple of months and I’m truly sorry! But here you are and I hope you enjoy!


Links: 5) Baby, Boyfriend, Sorry | 4) TGIF-Ryan | 3) Yogi planks, three-way handshake | 1) Hipster, Milo


Spring Cleaning

Happy Friday!

The weather has been confusing here in Vancouver. But one thing is for sure, Spring Cleaning is around the corner, rain or not! Last week I hung out with my parents and helped them throw out old things that we really do not need. Last week, we donated 2 boxes of stuffed animals that we won in the fair over the years. We donated the ENTIRE cast of Sesame’s Street. No joke. I wish I took pictures…

Nevertheless, I’m moving soon, so I’ll be doing some more spring cleaning of my own! and because I’m a PRO in spring cleaning now (obvs!) I thought I’d share top 5 ways how you can do to declutter too!

Links: Nokia 6110, Sony Z1010, Sony W800, TELUS’ Return & Recycle Program

April Fools

I love a good April Fools Day prank.

This morning, someone told me that my little red mini was towed away. Did I panic? Yes, yes I did. I forgot to renew my city permit parking, which expired on March 31. The look on my face must have been borderline a child who lost their mom at the mall or a fully-grown adult about to cry over her red mini, because the person that told me immediately cracked and laughed it off. Thanks. Great way to start this day. Happy April fools!

Hyperlink on Joe (#3)

Furry friends are the cutest friends

It’s been nearly a month since my last TPO’s TOP 5 and I’ve been getting some heck for it. Sorry guys! HA. February was a very busy month. Even though we managed to get an extra day in February, it truly was not enough!

Nevertheless, this week’s TPO’s TOP5 is not a disappointment, whatsoever. These cute furry friends of ours are the beloved members of our Communications family in our office. They are the sweetest and loveliest beings. Too bad my fish aren’t furry…. but that’d be really odd.


Links: 5) @Eli.Pepperoni, 4) @Milothekleeklai, 3) @FrenchieChrncls, 2) @Indie.Kittie, 1) @Howiedoody

Love is confusing

Many of you may know (I guess this is an official statement) that I have joined a Bachelor League with some of the people on my Communications Team. We’re very proud of this and have had so much fun getting through Monday. The Vancouver team, have even taken turns hosting Bachelor Night and last week was my turn to host.

It was so much fun. I had baked up a lemon cheesecake topped with Blueberry goodness, a lovely tortellini pesto salad and lots of great charcuterie goodness. We had a nice lemonade and white wine spritzer and so much laughs. You see, to put things into context, on Monday nights, we like to watch the Bachelor, laugh, and just judge. It’s lovely.

I thought what better way to hit up this past week’s Valentine’s special for TPO’s TOP5! Guys. Love IS confusing. We saw it first hand when Caila was telling Ben that she’s falling for himbut has no idea. And thus. This list was born.

Enjoy all and I hope you had a special Valentine’s/Galentine’s day.



Fish mom and your must add apps

2016. Oh 2016, how good you’ve been to me so far. To start the year right, I needed company with me to make it through 2016 and beyond. Guys, I became a fish mom. I got adopted 3 neon tetras and two guppies and gave the homes of all homes!

The neon triplets are named Fin (the largest one and feisty one – his fin was hurt in a battle of some sort in his previous home in PetSmart), Alpha (the middle child who was a bit shy in the beginning, but has assumed his name) and last, the smallest one Dot (who has a dot near his tushy). The guppies are lively little swimmers and rightfully named Tequila and Sunny. Cute little mofos.

L-R: Neon Triplets, home sweet home, and the guppies (Sunny, left and Tequila, right)

In other words, TPO’s TOP5 is live and on its 2nd edition. This time, I wanted to discuss some apps I have handy on my phone! Enjoy!

Links: 5) snapchat 4) happn 3) thinkfull 2) telegram 1) foodler


2015 was an interesting year for me. I had moved on to an exciting career with a company that I’ve loved and supported for so long. I’ve always felt a connection with a working environment that truly put people first, and I felt that TELUS truly did that. They have such a corporate and community-invested structure that truly appealed to me.

One of my dear friends, forwarded an opening on a team she had come across. Coincidentally, one of her childhood and best-friend was a part of that team, the Creative Communications Service. We tackle internal communications with a whole different ballgame. My team is made of crazy amazing designers, publishers and communicators, and I’m so so lucky to be a part of it.

I was hired for a reason (other than my ability to design and baking banana bread and cookies, obvs), and I felt I had to bring something else to the table. I created #TGIF-Ryan, a bi-weekly feed, featuring Ryan Gosling. It was a hit. People opted in, people went nuts and people were upset when I retired it at the end of 2015. All in all, it was so much fun. Below is a little taste of 2015’s TGIF-Ryan…


So what’s next? Well it was a challenge to redesign and set up something to top TGIF-Ryan, but never fear. I gotchu.

Introducing TPO’s TOP5, the new bi-weekly instalment for 2016! Each instalment will reflect a top 5 of sorts, and this week we start with SLANGS. I don’t know about you, but keeping up with slangs is challenging. So here’s your guide how you can handle slangs, that will make you So Pharaoh. Read up below, and let me know what you think!

#3 OTP Link below: