Love is confusing

Many of you may know (I guess this is an official statement) that I have joined a Bachelor League with some of the people on my Communications Team. We’re very proud of this and have had so much fun getting through Monday. The Vancouver team, have even taken turns hosting Bachelor Night and last week was my turn to host.

It was so much fun. I had baked up a lemon cheesecake topped with Blueberry goodness, a lovely tortellini pesto salad and lots of great charcuterie goodness. We had a nice lemonade and white wine spritzer and so much laughs. You see, to put things into context, on Monday nights, we like to watch the Bachelor, laugh, and just judge. It’s lovely.

I thought what better way to hit up this past week’s Valentine’s special for TPO’s TOP5! Guys. Love IS confusing. We saw it first hand when Caila was telling Ben that she’s falling for himbut has no idea. And thus. This list was born.

Enjoy all and I hope you had a special Valentine’s/Galentine’s day.




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